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Simple AF $5+ Per Day [ Answering ONLY 8 Questions per day!
Hello, im sure you have heard alot of these methods but the reason i am sharing this is beacuse, simply it is the CHEAPEST, EASIEST, Has Not Just US$ but has UK £ too AND you only need to answer 9 per day to make £5 or $5 Wink 

Really i have used every site going that is the same as this but im telling you that this is the cheapest website that the prizes cost the least amount of points, unless you can tell me another? but im pretty sure this wins by a mile beacuse you get 80 points per survey and sometimes you get 100 point ones, and it only costs 650 points for £5 where most i have seen is 700 - 7000 points Tongue 

anyway its up to you however i really think you should try this website for at least 1 week beacuse i can assure you that it is easy to get £5 a day on here once you start filling out more and more.

in the first week i really made £20, yes i didint get £5 on 1 day beacuse i got bored....... which is beacuse im lazy XD 

anyway let me just give it to you 

This is a google url link shorten. if you want the unshort one just pm me but i made a short link

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