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Full Version: Earn Money With PPC And Clickbank
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Now as you all know and the name suggests, PPC is all about investment. To make money, you have to inject money in the ads and some other necessary tools.

So without further ado, here I begin:

Tools That I Use

- Domain (I highly recommend going with a .COM TLD)
- Hosting (I prefer Siteground above all - Please stay away from Hostgator and Bluehost)
- Clickbank account
- Google Adwords account
- Facebook Ad account (Optional)
- WordPress based website (Magazine layout preferred)
- Nice Professional Theme/Page Developer (I use GeneratePress Premium + Elementor Pro)
- Pretty Links to cloak ugly affiliate URLs
- Voluum to track your ad campaigns (Optional - Required in advance stages)

This is it for now...

I will be updating the thread with how the articles should be written, how to choose the products, how to optimize the website look to reduce bounce rate, how to create highly converting ads, how to reduce the ads CPC, and how to scale it up.

I have myself buried in multiple projects so I will try to take out time often and update the thread.

And I hope this inspires you all to begin testing and cashing in!

In case of any queries, feel free to post it here in the thread and I will try answering in detail.

And TBH, you don't need huge budgets to begin. You can only start with $15-$20 a day and scale it up once you start earning.

P.S I found this method on B-H-W
thank you