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[GET] Pre-Activated FastStone Capture 9.2 (latest version) Portable
I believe I saw a request for a new username and license key for this useful shareware with a tiny footprint. I'm here to fulfill that such request.

Max reps PLEEZ as I took the trouble to download the latest portable version that was released on the 12th of this very month to my computer. Following which, I registered it to my nickname on this forum. The password to the zip file will be known by the regulars here in keeping to this forum's rules. Note: this is not a portable app executable. You need to extract the zip to one of your drives - hard disk or USB stick.

Disclaimer: No animals were harmed in this cracking process. As always, if and when you can afford a paid license, please buy the software. Otherwise, enjoy! Happydance

MirrorCreator Uploads

Lastly, I scanned the zip file for virii (viruses). I honestly don't understand how VirusTotal can scan an encrypted zip archive, hahaha, but rest assured, I made a duplicate zip without the forum password and both reports are below:

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