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Drop Shippers -- Read this>>>
If you are drop shipping from China to the US the price of postage (postal delivery) will increase dramatically ...
  • President Donald Trump announced that the US would withdraw from the Universal Postal Union, a 192-country treaty that helps to set international postage rates.

  • The decision appears to be a direct shot at China.

  • Chinese goods coming into the US are currently subject to lower postage rates, making it cheaper to ship items into America.

  • The Trump administration argued this gives an unfair advantage to China and incentivizes importing knock-off goods from the country.

  • The move is also the latest salvo in the US-China trade war.
The Trump administration announced Wednesday that the US would leave the the Universal Postal Union treaty, an agreement from 1874 that helps to standardize postal rules among the international community.

The interesting aspect of the UPU decision is a more recent addition to the agreement. The UPU, which is now under the United Nations' purview, sets rates that national postal services pay to ship goods internationally. Under a deal reached in 1969, developing countries can ship smaller items at lower rates than developed nations like the US. The provision is designed to help facilitate exports from smaller countries to give a boost to growing economies.

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