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VIP Benefits
Dear Members,

On top of the standard features, VIP users will gain access to exclusive VIP features, which are as follows:
  • More storage, 2500 PM's.
  • 500kb Avatar upload size.
  • Purple nickname
  • Doesn't have to post to view hidden content.
  • Ability to change your own nickname.
  • Access to VIP forums with premium content.
  • VIP Award ribbon.
  • Access to a lot of other premium content, such as guides, and exploits.
  • Early access to new releases in Nulled launcher.
  • Prioritized support.
  • Power to give more reputation each day.  (VIP: 8+ 4-  Normal: 2+ 2-)
Price for VIP upgrade is 15$/60days
Gold Membership information:
An alternative for VIP is the "[i]Gold Membership ".[/i]
It is is available for purchase which is 50$ one time payment which lasts for a  One Year.
[i]Gold Membership has the same features and name color as VIP the only difference is that the member of this group will get a "+" infront of their name and a Gold Membership      ribbon.[/i]
  • Silver VIP Upgrade:   Two month /15$    : pm me  
  • Gold Membership  Upgrade([i]Gold Membership ):   One Year/50$ pm me[/i]
  • Diamond membership :  Life Time    100$/LIFETIME Pm me
Note: Pm send to admin for payment Details.

Keep in mind that this forum never was created for us or anyone else to make money, as it was and will always be for fun, and for people to share both knoweldge and science. But as we are a community that's obviously not loved by everyone which results in daily DDoS attacks which require us to have substantial power to resist. Power, protection and servers cost money and in the end, its only the Membership who keeps us alive by paying these costs [Image: smile.png]
Regards Staff

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