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RETAIL [4.x] Age Verification Pop-Up 1.0.0
[Image: file-2019-04-06-at-21-34-49.png]

Age Verification Pop-Up 1.0.0
IPB version: 4.x | Demo link:

This plugin will add a age verification pop up to your sites guests

Adds a pop up asking if the guests are over a certain age
Upload a image to display at the top of the pop up
Use the editor to add a message under the image
Choose the URL to redirect users to if they are not your chosen age
The pop up will only show to guests and not your registered members
Uses javascript to hide the pop up away without refreshing the page
Uses 1 cookie to remember if the guest has confirmed they are over the certian age

Direct download!yNNg0CpL!UTGfNuesZFk_K...uyfM41_4ww

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