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RETAIL [4.x] Members Teams 1.1.2
[Image: file-2019-04-06-at-21-28-52.png]

Members Teams 1.1.2
IPB version: 4.x | Demo link:

Setup teams that your members can become fans of and display that in the members team widget.

Upload as many teams as you want through the admin.
Set which member groups can view and select member teams.
Profile hook that displays a members selected team.
Register hook that allows members to select their team when signing up.
The select team page can use an image grid, radio list or dropdown for each team.
Topic hook displays a members selected team when they post.
Both horizontal and vertical widgets supported. With the ability to limit and sort teams how you want.

Direct download!mYF23KAI!VOI_M9rqx_Zqc...0ANnc-fE6I

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